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University Center Board

University Center Board (UCB) Vision

We strive to create a student union in which students flourish through the creation and advancement of campus community.

UCB is the governing and programming body of the University Center.  The student driven board compiles and sends the weekly Weekends @ Emory email, hosts monthly and semester based programs, and is the student voice in all things University Center – from design elements of the new Campus Life Center (CLC) to new Meeting Services policies

The UCB is comprised of three committees: 

Weekends @ Emory: The committee is responsible for the programming, promoting and implementation of weekend programming and the creation of the weekly Weekends @ Emory email, distributed to over 14,000 members of the Emory community. The co-chairs are responsible for distributing the Late Night @ Emory grants and arranging the co-programming of events with other groups within the UCB or on campus if needed. 

Signature Events: The division is responsible for programming, promoting, and implementing Signature Event activities, including Harland Cinema Series, Run AMUC, and UCB Rollin'.  The co-chairs are responsible for arranging the co-programming of events within the UCB or with other groups on campus if needed.  

Promotions: The committee is responsible for managing and organizing all Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations and Web related activities within all UCB committees through separate chairpersons.  The co-chairs will run weekly meetings to ensure timeliness and accuracy of promotions activities. The co-chairs should advocate creativity in promotion.  The co-chairs are also responsible for coordinating open member recruitment events.  The Promotions co-chairs oversee all web content and social media, including Facebook, Twitter and additional platforms; are responsible for coordinating photographers for all UCB events and uploading these photos to the appropriate location.

Students, this is your opportunity to build some great leadership and programming skills while making an impact on your University Center and University!

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